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Thank you for your interest in the GDCFL. Please fill out the form below to join the league.

Note: Joining GDCFL is free, but you must own a full (non-Demo) copy of Bowl Bound College Football in order to play in the GDCFL. Please purchase from the Grey Dog Software Site, if necessary, before applying to the league.

You must be registered on the SimNation forums as we use them as the primary method of Coach to Coach communication for GDCFL. Please REGISTER on SimNation (if not already a member) and include your forum name in this application.

Use the comments section to indicate which teams you are interested in. Also include in the comments section your "Dream Team" (this would be the team you want/like above all others). Coaches can move to their Dream Team mid-season if they become available. See the GDCFL Rules page for more information on a coach's "Dream Team".