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GDCFL Uploader By: Kevin Moring

Please specify a valid BBCF team save file, location, league password, and corresponding team password.

Remember my password on this computer

Lastest file uploads:

Alabama: October 19 2018 12:49:43.
Arizona State: October 19 2018 12:48:55.
Arkansas State: October 19 2018 02:17:32.
California: October 19 2018 02:17:32.
Connecticut: October 19 2018 02:55:13.
Hawaii: October 19 2018 02:47:38.
Maryland: October 19 2018 02:17:32.

NOTE: A team is listed in RED if their uploaded coach file is older than the current league file available for download. A team will be listed in BLUE if you uploaded it from this machine and if it is newer than the current league file available for download. This will show you at a glance if you have properly uploaded a good file.